Back issue for magazine - Volume 2011/4 (#30) Privatize!

Volume 2011/4 (#30) Privatize! What used to be collective care is rapidly becoming private responsibility. At least in the West. Is privatization the one fits all solution to every (financial) problem? Can addressing collective needs be thought of as the sum total of numerous private initiatives? And will the ‘retreat’ of government and state be compensated by other ways to organize the complex organism called society?
Volume maps realities, enlists challenges, and presents options. With peak previews into tomorrow’s society and economy, a dossier on practices and principles of how to build your own home around the globe, lessons in adaptation from Istanbul and the UK, and as special insert: Trust Design part four – Public Private.
Contributions by Joost de Bloois, Bart Goldhoorn, Amelia Borg, Vincent van Velsen, Oscar Gential, Marijn de Waal and Michel de Lange, Rob van Kranenburg, Rory Hyde, Miguel Robles-Duran, Ginger Zaimis, Michel Hulshof and Daan Roggeveen, Chris Lee, Ronald Wall, Monica Nouwens, Reineke Otten, Malkit Shoshan, Vincent Schipper, Orhan Esen, Andrew Heywood, Caroline Bos, Christiaan Fruneaux, and Brendan Cormier. Interviews with Timothy Mitchell, Heath Bunting, Laurent Guidetti, and Tom Frantzen.
160 pages, with an insert on Trust Design, #4: Public Private
Binding: Soft cover
Release: 20 February, 2012

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