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Viewpoint #24 The future of travel. TouchDown/TakeOff:Travel environments are becoming more personal and emotive, with homely and nostalgic interiors,discreet luxury, and a new age of cruising, caravanning and touring. SuperSustainability:
Environmental issues are set to become the norm in the travel industry of the future, where noimpact resorts, resource-generating hotels and oil-free transport solutions are just around the corner. Text Liz Hancock; Visuals dbox
BlurGeneration:Business travel is being reinvented by a young generation that seamlessly blends work and play, transforming the hotel and leisure industry in its wake. Text Miriam Rayman ValueAddedTravel:Today’s travel market is having to invent new dimensions of value in order to satisfy discerning yet budget-conscious travellers. AlteredArrivals:
Imagined answers to the niggling problems that plague us as we travel the globe. NewTravelTopographies:Medical resorts, monastic retreats and Neuro-Travel are shaping the self-focused travel industry of tomorrow. SupraNatural: Material innovation is driving us into a new era, where technology is turning long-held dreams – selfrepair, energy-generation, invisibility – into reality.DesignNotebook: We track the latest in design, from the intentionally unanticipated nature of Beyond Being and Imperfect Imperative to the ominous escapism of Dark Vader and Nature Mutation.

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