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Source 04 Tippelzone Revised presents research and design proposals concerning the issue of drug-related prostitution in Eindhoven. At the request of the City of Eindhoven, students of the Design Academy's Master's Degree Programme in Industrial, Interior and Identity Design (IM) researched a designated prostitution area in the Woensel West district and created alternatives. In 2003, to combat problems generated by drug-related street prostitution, the city established a tolerance zone for prostitution, or a tippelzone. Public disturbances were reduced, care for prostitutes improved and the area became safer. The city, however, does not wish to continue facilitating prostitution. They also hope to offer the women other alternatives to help them escape their dependency on drugs and pimps. This requires creative and, most of all, unorthodox solutions. This fourth edition of Source includes research results, essays by students and external experts and photographic documentation of the resulting design proposals.

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