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Source 02 SOURCE 02 Disclosing Dapperbuurt presents views on the problems and the potential of old urban neighbourhoods in large cities. The Dapperbuurt in Amsterdam functions as a case study. At the request of Ymere housing association, students in the IM Masters programme at Design Academy Eindhoven investigated this old neighbourhood, situated in the east of Amsterdam. Although the Dapperbuurt has inviting aspects, such as its well-known market, the amenity of the area is less than optimal. Many homes require renovation and a facelift, as do the public spaces, which often feel unsafe, especially at night. In cooperation with the urban district of Oost-Watergraafsmeer, Ymere has been working on measures to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood for some years. As part of this initiative, the housing association asked students at Design Academy Eindhoven to come up with proposals for giving it a new identity. In this second volume of SOURCE you will find the results: texts by experts on the theme of urban space and the role of design, research materials, photos of the neighbourhood and its residents and photos of the students' scale models.
SOURCE is a series of publications by the IM Masters department at Design Academy Eindhoven.

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