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Project Baltia 03/10 Art & Space Architecture was once considered to be one of the three ‘noble arts’ and was taught alongside painting and sculpture at artistic academies. The 20th century changed people’s understanding of the profession, bringing it much closer to design. Bauhaus and the proletkult [‘proletarian-culture’] wing of Constructivism were primarily responsible for this shift, and the tendency was then deepened and modernized by postindustrial society. Today architecture must both be produced for a determinate target audience and at the same serve as packaging for a product. This product is empty space (square metres of real estate).
By creating visual images in the urban environment, architecture likewise acts as a bearer of information. Strelka, Russia’s newest and trendiest architecture institute, which was established this year in Moscow, is subtitled ‘Institute for media, architecture, and design’. Could this be a new version of the three ‘noble arts’? Or has architecture simply broken free from the field of art and joined forces with marketing?

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