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Project Baltia 02/10 Norm One of the best books about norms and standards is undoubtedly the novel by Vladimir Sorokin, which is called exactly that, Norm. Written in 1984, Norm is a debunking of what is ‘normal’ in the sense of commonly accepted, self-evident, but at the same time anti-human.In certain societies something awful or absurd may be considered normal: this was the situation, in fact, in the Soviet Union, the subject of Sorokin’s writings. Communal apartments, Khrushchev-era houses with their cage-like apartments, public space that ‘belonged to no one’, and the chill wind of ideology that blew through and mortified everything: all this made up the ‘normal’ state of affairs. Anyone who wished to preserve his or her own dignity could not but want to jump out of this situation or fly away it, even into outer space, as did a character in a famous installation by Ilya Kabakov.

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