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le Journal Spéciale'Z 03 In Le Journal Spéciale'Z Issue No. 3: SMAQ saves the Palm, Austin + Mergold revisit Palladio in Central Pennsylvania, Fake Industries follows the debris of of La Strada Novissima, Karita Kan looks at spectacularity in China, Austin Williams travels to Suzhou, Ioanna Angelidou explores the Superflat through interviews with five young Japanese architects, and Rachel Sussman photographs the oldest living things. These articles plus essays and projects from contributors on: Resistance, Destination, the Vernacular and Number. Le Journal Spéciale’Z, a publication of the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, explores architecture’s complex contemporary context. Each issue is structured around four thematic questions critical to current debate on the built environment, bringing together contributions by researchers and practitioners – artists, architects and urbanists. Le Journal mediates the wider cultural experiences that feed into the knowledge-culture of spatiality. Open calls for submissions ensure a dialogue between emerging and established voices with articles appearing in either English or French.

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