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Hunch #9 hunch 9 will assert a broad disciplinary claim regarding architectural publications generally: it is not the quantities of publications that are a problem, but rather their consistent failure to present lines of reasoning. This inadequacy will be addressed by disciplining the issue: by organizing projects, lectures, interviews and essays into a set of arguments about 'disciplines'.
'Return' will discuss the current erosion of architecture's disciplinary
distinctions; 'Resonate' will examine the perspectives of other disciplines such as music, money, planning and film; 'Reason' will trace theoretical precedents for architectural autonomy, expertise, and education; 'Realize' will make connections between theory and practices through Berlage research-production processes, construction technology, form and precedent; and 'Relay' will expose the various disciplinary transfers in and out of architectural practice. Texts for this issue include essays by Peter Greenaway, Bernard Cache, Mark Linder and Paul Morrell, and interview extracts from Peter Eisenman, Alejandro Zaera-Polo and R. E. Somol.

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