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Domus 940 Cover
Andrea Zittel, illustration by Lorenzo Mattotti Opinions
Juli Capella Opinions
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio Milano Story
Franco Raggi Image
Riccardo Cecchini Image
Lorenzo Pietrantoni Diary
Alessandro Mendini Visual news
Edited by Elena Sommariva Piero Portaluppi and Tomaso Buzzi: Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milano
Text Luigi Spinelli Interview 6
Andrea Zittel / Stefano Casciani Email to Domus 06
Emilio Ambasz Fabrizio Caròla: respect for nature, for the country and for its people
Texts Davide Vargas, Paolo Cascone Michele De Lucchi: Italian polymorphism
Text Deyan Sudjic Two examples of quality of Italian architecture: Sonia Calzoni; Cristofani & Lelli Architetti
Text Livio Sacchi The ethical principle of Bicocca-Bovisa
Text Fulvio Irace Andrea Zittel: “Wagon Station” in Firenze
Text Gabi Scardi Comics, architecture and cities
Text Paolo Bacilieri Germano Celant: sharing dreamThe Concise Dictionary of Dress
Text Maria Luisa Frisa Product Design in the Sustainable Era
Text Clino Trini Castelli The Palau de la Música in Barcellona
Texts Luigi Spinelli, Oscar Tusquets Blanca Abitare il Tempo, now into its 25th year
Text François Burkhardt Block Notes 2: Moroso
Text Giampiero Bosoni News from New York
Steven Guarnaccia Building
Edited by Francesca Picchi Panorama
Edited by Guido Musante

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