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Damn # 5 DESIGN:
What gets me going: Tokujin Yoshioka (2)
Tasty: fast-food culture exhibition at the Design Museum, Zurich
House of Charm: the expansion of Poltrona Frau’s design empire
On and Beyond the Brink: DesignEDGE O5 at the Singapore Design Festival
Booth Bloc: the urban connections of the eastern European K67 kiosk
Unusual Dwellings: Tree houses and other elevated structures
Holy Wood: Finland’s revival of wooden architecture gets religion
East and Mecca: Mangera Yvars design for a multifunctional mosque in London
Trunk Trip: Louis Vuitton’s architectural strategy
A Common Language: Emerging Identities – East!; exhibition of a new generation
FILE: Perfect Pitch
The Impossible Work of Art: opera’s modern manifestations
The Director’s Cut: Belgian director Guy Joosten makes his New York debut
For the Love of Three Oranges: Calatrava’s new Valencia Opera and other projects (3)
Pierre Mendell: exhibition of posters for the opera
Concrete Paradox: Niemeyer’s Brasilia revisited
Yodelling for Urbanism: new urbanity in YEAN’s TirolCITY concept (4)
The Catfish Roars: Rural Studio’s architectural programme in Alabama
The Wailing Wall: Banksy, political graffiti and the open gallery of Gaza
Desert Dreams: Elmgreen & Dragset’s Prada Marfa store sculpture
Get Up, Stand Up: LEGEND (A Portrait of Bob Marley) by Candice Breitz for T-B A21 (5)
Spray and Pray: round-up of Art Basel Miami Beach 2005
Cut the Crap: the pain & pleasure of Stefan Sagmeister’s graphics (1)
No Fake: Marina Yee’s luxurious recycling (6)
Cityscape: Iconocity, the first retrospective of Austrian Aglaia Konrad (7)
AGENDA: what’s up and where

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