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As a decision making strategy, “compromise” definitely has somewhat of a negative connotation . A compromise seems to involve losing something, going for the second best. In personal relationships as well, a compromise is often seen as a solution no one is really satisfied with. In Scandinavian languages “compromise” has acquired a more ambiguous meaning. The search for consensus, achieved through compromises, has been so instrumental in shaping the modern Scandinavian societies and defining the “Scandinavian model”, or the “middle way”, between market capitalism and a planned economy. Despite this tradition, compromise today usually stands as the dull antithesis to the unrestrained individualism so dominant in contemporary culture. This is the reason why we want in this issue to show compromise in relation to the notion of “glamour”. What is the glam and glitter of compromise? Is the glamorous side of architecture in itself a compromise? This third issue of CONDITIONS is devoted to the topic of “Glamorous Compromise”, as an investigation into the culture of compromise and its influence upon architecture and urbanism. The core of this endeavor is to present a series of interviews with exponents from different roles within the planning process as a portrayal of compromise from different sides of the negotiating table.

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