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Blueprint 279 This month we take stock of the varied ways that photography and architecture interact. David Cowlard argues that, with the spread of web publishing and the growing interest in urbanism from documentary photographers, this is the time for architects to relax their grip on representation and let humanism back into photography. A photographer himself, Cowlard is also responsible for our unusual images of David Chipperfield’s gallery in Wakefield, which will be finished in 2010. Taken during construction with the concrete structure exposed, the images present the building as elemental and at a transient moment in production. The cover comes from the extraordinary pinhole photographs of Anthony Browell. The Sydney-based photographer has turned to primitive technology in order to capture the drama and spatial organisation of some of Australia’s best residential buildings. Also on the photographic theme, Tim Abrahams argues against the transience of digital media, Erik Spiekermann discusses the meaning and impact of this age of representation, and Peter Kelly discovers plans to revive that cult favourite: the Polaroid. The interview subject this month is curator, archivist and architectural activist Phyllis Lambert: daughter of the head of the Seagram empire, she is renowned for convincing her father to commission his New York HQ Tower from Mies van der Rohe. More recently, she has been the driving force behind the Canadian Centre for Architecture, which is about to celebrate its 20th birthday. She discusses her remarkable career with Caroline Roux.
Elsewhere in this issue: former OMA Associate Andre Schmidt describes the long but fruitful journey that led to the creation of WALTER: an inflatable souvenir replica of Berlin’s TV Tower and Gian Luca Amadei meets the creators behind Danish textile company Kvadrat. Plus much, much more…

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