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Blueprint 270 September’s Blueprint is all about the students. Travelling to Universities in every corner of the land, our expert contributors have hand picked their Best in Show 2008. Featuring the Swoosh pavilion, a "…40-tonne 3D jigsaw puzzle…" at Bedford Square, built and designed by students from the Architectural Association School of Architecture.

Further afield, Gian Luca Amadei visits the industrious students of the Valparaiso school in Chile and their avant-garde Open City Ritoque – and the assemblage of buildings constructed entirely by students and lectures at the school. Also, as architecture students from Nottingham University return from their exploratory visit to South Africa, Vicky Richardson unpicks the politics of pioneering building projects in the Country.

Continuing the educational theme, Caroline Roux visits Studio Bey and Makkink to discuss learning, teaching and design, as the pair put attitudes into practice in an education room at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum at Rotterdam. This month’s comment comes from Iain Borden, Professor at the Bartlett School of Architecture who argues that the environmental agenda should not be the only priority dominating Architectural education.

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