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Architecture+Urbanism 475 (2010/4) In 2003 and 2004, a+u devoted special issues did features on
the architecture of Belgium (a+u 03:05 and 03:06) and the
Netherlands (a+u 04:05). Since then, significant changes have occurred in the context that makes architecture possible there. In the autumn of 2009, we visited 20 architects in Belgium and the Netherlands for a look at the current state of architecture in these two countries.
Formerly it was said in Belgium that good architecture was built mainly in suburbs. Now, due to rapid urbanization, the focus is moving toward city centers. While retaining traditional elements, current architecture employs new materials and new construction methods to create distinctive buildings. In the Netherlands, the global recession has brought an end to the erstwhile surge in development projects. But new currents are emerging, as innovative ideas and an uncompromising pursuit of quality are applied to extensions and renovations. The changes currently underway in Belgium and the Netherlands can be traced through the statements of identity at the top of the contributions from the architects, and through the essays by Koen Van Synghel and Egbert Koster, which explore the milieu of architecture in these two countries.

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