Back issue for magazine - Architecture+Urbanism 453 (2008/6)

Architecture+Urbanism 453 (2008/6) Herzog & de Meuron Design Helsinki Waterfront Hotel/Shenzen Bao’an International Airport by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas/Results of ‘Darat King Abdullah II’ Architectural Competition in Jordan

Feature : Next Gene 20 – Aodi Housing Project in Taiwan
Basic Data of Next Gene 20
Interview with Yu-Tung Liu, General Principal
A Dialogue for New Architecture in Taiwan
Invited Architects
Project Calendar
Site Drawing
Final Phase Designs
Kengo Kuma & Associates
Aimai House
The Family (of) Wraps
David Chun-Tei Tseng / CitiCrafts
Terra Vista
Villa Palladio
Ray Chen Architecural Design Studio
Floating Courtyard
Toshiko Mori
FlexiVilla / FlexiVille
Shu-Chang Kung / AURA Architects and Associates
Radix House
Yung Ho Chang / Atelier Feichang Jianzhu
Triptych House
Irving Huang Architects & Associates
Latent Dragon
Essay: Next Gene of Taipei
Hsi-Wei Chou, Taipei County Governor
Essay: Achieving the Highest Building Quality in Taiwan
Ben Shah, PCM General Consultant
Fernando Martin Menis / Menis Arquitectos
House Aurum
Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office
Architecture Farm
Jay Wen-Chieh Chiu / A+B Design Group
The Elf on the Hilltop
Shen-Yuan Huang Architects & Planners / Feild Office
Monsoon Village
Kyle Chia-Kai Yang / Arctangent, Architecture + Design
The Stratus House
Bei-Lin: Shell under Copious Rain
The Twirl House
Hsueh-Yi Chien / CHIEN Architects & Associates
Kris Yao / ARTECH Architects and Associates
Hailim Suh / Himma Architecture
Ridge House
Yu-Tung Liu / AleppoZONE
Calligraphic House
Interview with Tony Lu, Project Developer
From the Ground

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