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Architecture+Urbanism 10:05 Renzo Piano Building Workshop a+u last published a special issue on Renzo Piano and his Building Workshop in 1989, covering their exciting early works. This new monograph continues from there, exploring the last 20 years of his enduring practice where technology, craft, art, and an inherent eco-consciousness are successfully synergized into a sensible yet intriguing architecture.Here, Piano’s built works are presented through five environmental-technological themes that recur in his architecture: “Daylighting”, “Greenscapes”, “Climatic Responsiveness”, “Renovation” and “Tectonics”. There is a particular focus on detailed drawings, paired with exquisite photographs, to help readers better understand and learn from Piano’s thinking and design sensibilities. The 28 featured works span from 1989 till today, and also includes projects in progress such as the London Bridge Tower.

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