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Architecturel Review 2011/1 (1367) The New Year always brings a wave of resolutions, predictions and calls to arms. But as 2011 begins, the world continues to be assailed by the effects of the current ecological and economic crises, and those involved with the built environment are still adjusting to challenging new realities as the era of excessive individualism draws to a close. Some sense of this fall from grace can be gleaned from Peter Buchanan’s review of two excoriating critiques of the current state of architecture (page 84) which lament what he describes as its ‘lost role in conveying stability and decorum’. The dearth of penetrating architectural criticism is also touched upon, and though the AR has a distinguished history of scourging mediocrity and absurdity (notably through its Outrage column pioneered by Ian Nairn in the 1950s), we are also aware of a more general emasculation of the architectural press, with architects seeing it simply as a conduit for self promotion. Yet informed debate, both in print and digital media, is crucial to a wider understanding of architecture’s role in society.

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