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Architectural Review 2011/3 (1369) Another paradigm shift is upon us with the publication of the first volume of Patrik Schumacherís The Autopoiesis of Architecture, in which he proposes, at length, a new unified theory of architecture. In the 30 years or so since my generation was avidly devouring Charles Jencksí The Language of Postmodern Architecture, architectural theory seems to have become more impenetrable, often merely for the sake of it, like much architecture, in fact.But even if the prospect of reading almost 500 pages of Schumacherís densely argued prose, relieved by a mere 18 illustrations seems a bit on the arid side, clearly his endeavours merit wider discussion. So we set Peter Buchanan on the case, and his pensive exegesis of the Autopoiesis inaugurates the ARís newly revived Theory section. This aims to furnish readers with insightful and provocative critiques of the latest currents of architectural thought.

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