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2G N.6 Ushida Findlay The Ushida Findlay Partnership is made up of Eisaku Ushida and Kathryn Findlay. Founded in 1987, the practice has offices in Tokyo and London. This monographic issue focuses on ten years of intense and fruitful collaboration between these two architects. The presentation of their work during the 19th Congress of the International Union of Architects celebrated in Barcelona in 1996 grabbed the attention of the whole contemporary architectural scene, making the dedication essential of a monographical issue of 2G which would be the first in the publishing world to assemble an anthology of their work.
This number presents the oeuvre of the Ushida Findlay team in a publication with abundant graphic and photographic documentation: twelve works and projects, from series like the Truss Wall House and the Soft and Hairy House, both in Japan, to international projects of greater scope like Federation Square in Melbourne and the Constantini Museum in Buenos Aires. As in other monographic issues of 2G, the works are accompanied by critical articles by noted figures within international architectural criticism, in this instance Paul Carter and Leon von Schalk, the latter being guest editor for this number. The 'Nexus' section includes a text by Ushida Findlay themselves, 'Genealogical Diagram 1987-1994 & Matrix 1996', plus a critical essay by Michael J. Ostwald.

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