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2G N.51 MGM Morales Giles Mariscal With the death of Franco, Spanish architecture came out of its isolationist shell and subscribed to the international tendencies of the day, whilst always incorporating the special features of a rich and at the same time self-sufficient tradition. Since that time there have been many Spanish architects who have carved out an internationally renowned career for themselves-from Rafael Moneo and Enric Miralles to members of the younger generation like RCR and Tun + Mansilla-but even more important is the substratum of small studios concerned with quality architecture that have gradually emerged throughout the country. Away from the traditional focal points of Spanish architecture-Madrid and Barcelona-, the Sevillean studio MGM Arquitectos stands out among this new batch of Spanish architects, adding a peripheral condition of sorts to the substratum of good workmanship. MGMs outstanding work with skins and their materials is not restricted to merely epidermal issues, but rather envelops and contains a whole series of intermediary spaces that are neither exterior nor interior, that give an added value to both apartment and public buildings, and pick up in turn on a whole tradition of intermediary spaces typical of Andalusian architecture.

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