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2G N.36 BKK-3 BKK-3 are the third formation of a collective that began in the 1980s under the name of BKK (literally Baukunst Kollektiv, the Art of Building Collective, which went on to call itself BKK-2), residing in Vienna and led by Johny Winter and Franz Sumnitsch. From a position of political activism, almost, the collective posits an architecture of participation with the user and with institutions. Heirs of the long Viennese tradition of housing co-operatives that goes back to the well-known Höffe of the 1920s, their work makes a special point of new forms of collective living by endowing housing groups with a set of services that reinforce the inhabitants’ sense of community.

Along with the Viennese housing and services co-operative Sargfabrik and Miss Sargfabrik, which brought fame to BKK-2 and BKK-3 on the Austrian and later the international scene, the present issue of 2G also includes other works in the field of commercial space like the office buildings IP.ONE, IP.TWO and ICUB, and new projects touching upon the same issues of social housing and commercial space.

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