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2G N.35 Burkhalter Sumi Introduction Revealing the Hidden Core by Steven Spier Works and Projects Residential designs Loft in the Hauserpark Building, Biel
Town villas, Witikon, Zurich Two houses, Küsnacht Housing for senior citizens Multengut, Muri Rigiblick Hotel and Theatre, Zurich Housing, Herrliberg Am Eulachpark Housing Complex, Winterthur Housing, Beijing
Housing complex in the Sunnige Hof siedlung, Zurich Urban planning designs Development of the Central Station area, Zurich Project for the densification of Schwamendingen, Zurich
Development of the Seewen-Feld area, Schwyz
Designs for the workplace Remodelling of the EMPA Laboratory, Dübendorf Remodelling of the Sulzer Building, Winterthur Remodelling of the Werd Building, Zurich Office building, Opfikon
Eichhof Office Building, Lucerne Exhibitions
Onoma Expo 02 pavilion, Yverdon-les-Bains
Gottfried Semper 1803-1979 exhibition, Zurich
Biography nexus On Public Space. Three Historic Examples: Gottfried Semper. Three Public Projects for Dresden 1836-1878 Geoffrey Copcutt. The Town of Cumbernauld’s Foundation Centre, 1958-1968 Mies van der Rohe. Three Plaza Projects 1964-1969 by Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi. Will be published in October 2005.

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