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2G N.27 Mansila + Tunon Known until recently for such public facilities as the Zamora Municipal Museum, the Castellón Fine Arts Museum and the León Auditorium, over the last few years Mansilla + Tuñón have developed a number of projects in which urban scale and the problems of inhabiting in the contemporary city assume more and more importance. In this issue of 2G we present the (almost) complete works of these Madrid architects, works grouped around the basic ideas which define their projects, namely memory and the city, system and restrictions, sameness and difference, and lastly trace and landscape. These concepts are not watertight entities, however, but are present in each and every one of their designs as intersecting references, and they enable us to dissect the architects' way of thinking and influencing reality. Similarly, the articles accompanying the presentation of their buildings scrutinise in kaleidoscopic form the modus operandi of their work.

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