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2G N.16 Foreign Office Architects Farshid Moussavi and Alejandro Zaera-Polo established in 1993 Foreign Office Architects(FOA) in Rotterdam. The same year they are invited to run a unit at the Architectural Association in London. They were awarded the first prize in the international competition for the Yokohama Port Terminal. This project was their first commission and has been published in various journals. Since then they have participated in many other competitions (Cathedral in Seoul, Waterfront in Tenerife, ...), in smaller constructions (restaurants in New York and London for Belgo, S.L.), and in projects with a strong theoretical approach (Cinema complex in Teheran, Virtual House).
This number presents the oeuvre of FOA in a publication with abundant graphic and photographic documentation of sixteen works and projects, including the winning competition entry for the Yokohama International Port Terminal, currently under construction, introduced by Toyo Ito. The Nexus section includes a text by the architects titled FOA Code Remix 2000

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