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2G N.14 Building in the Mountains The attention Swiss architecture has received in recent years has mainly focused on a small number of architects whose work has appeared on the covers of the specialized press. Extending throughout the Modern Movement, this is an architecture with its roots in a rich building tradition. In GraubŁnden, under the attentive gaze of maestro Peter Zumthor, a group of young architects educated at the ETH in Zurich, many of whom are former assistants in Zumthor's studio, demonstrate the extraordinary quality of the architectonic production of this small German-speaking region of Switzerland. These increasingly well-known names present a wide range of projects ranging from single-family houses to apartment blocks, schools, and public and commercial buildings of different sorts, yet with similarities in the way they handle materials and settings, a body of work that transcends the borders of the region and attracts the attention of the international architecture world. The introduction by Daniel Bosshard, Miguel Kreisler, Myriam Sterling and Txell Vaquer places the building tradition of GraubŁnden in its historical context. The Nexus section features a 1913 text by Adolf Loos called "Rules for Those Building in the Mountains", plus Bruno Reichlin's "When Moderns Architects Build in the Mountains" and an extract from Christoph Schaub's video "The Vrin Project".

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